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Connie Hornbeck

Vice Chair and Trustee, Iowa Western Community College

Focus Area: Accountability

Council Bluffs, Iowa
Office Representing: Governing Body

In her current role as vice chair and trustee at Iowa Western Community College (IWCC), Connie Hornbeck is responsible, along with eight other trustee colleagues, for working with the college president to define, support, and protect the college mission, vision and values in the areas of fiduciary responsibility, policy responsibility, and student success. Approving and overseeing the annual operating and long term capital budgets and annual audit falls within her purview, as does reviewing and approving college policies to assure the institution operates within legal parameters for effective, efficient, and transparent internal and external controls and communication. Hornbeck and the other trustees are also responsible for reviewing and evaluating program outcomes and student support services to best support students in meeting their educational and career goals.

How did you first get interested in or involved in higher education issues?

"Twenty-three years ago I was approached by a retiring IWCC Board member to consider running for the open IWCC Board seat. After researching the work being done at IWCC, I became impassioned with the opportunity to focus my volunteer activities on behalf of higher education," Hornbeck said. "From my early education in a rural one-room school, and through being a first-generation college student, I understood the importance of education in defining a life path out of poverty. The honor of serving in community college governance and advocacy has been the capstone of my adult commitment to education and lifelong learning."

Why did you apply to be a part of the Higher Education Committee of 50? What drew you to this opportunity?

"The [Higher Education Committee of 50] was brought to my attention by Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) staff," Hornbeck said. "It is my hope that my experience in higher education governance, advocacy and leadership with community college communities at the local, state and national levels will offer the [Higher Education Committee of 50] a unique perspective on the issues the group is working to address."

Leadership roles with professional associations:

  • Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT): Current Chair-Elect, Current Chair of Public Policy & Advocacy Committee
  • Iowa Association of Community College Trustees (IACCT): Current Treasurer, Current Chair of Financial Oversight Committee, Current Chair of Iowans for a Skilled Workforce, Past Chair
  • Iowa Western Community College (IWCC): Current Vice Chair, Chair of Presidential Evaluation Committee, Chair of Audit Committee