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Victoria Kindon

Vice President for Strategic Operations and Chief Information Officer, Longwood University

Focus Area: Transparency

Farmville, Virginia
Office Representing: Information Technology

As the vice president for strategic operations and chief information officer at Longwood University, Victoria Kindon's inter-departmental unit works to advance the university's mission by building and strengthening connections with students at every stage of their relationship with the university – from prospective students to current students to active alumni. The Strategic Operations group is comprised of the offices of admissions, financial aid, student success, registrar, alumni and career services, marketing and communications, university analytics, and IT. Prior to her arrival at Longwood University, Kindon was a leader at technology firms that provide solutions and strategy for national and regional political campaigns, nonprofits, and businesses. Her work with presidential campaigns in particular helped transform engagement across the nonprofit and political sectors. Her areas of expertise include strategic application of data analysis and data integration, fundraising, and marketing. She has a bachelor's degree from Ithaca College and a master's degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

How did you first get interested in or involved in higher education issues?

"My introduction to issues in higher education was as a consultant for the University of Virginia. I was inspired by the impact higher education has on communities and democratic ideals," Kindon said. "I was also fascinated by the university's organizational complexities and challenges and how they differ and relate to those of other sectors."

Why did you apply to be a part of the Higher Education Committee of 50? What drew you to this opportunity?

"Because of my background in politics and other sectors, I think I have a unique perspective to add to the conversation," Kindon said. "I enjoy working to find creative solutions to the complex problems we often face in higher education. I'm also looking forward to collaborating with people who are passionate about access to higher education, and how their ideas can help inform student success."

Membership(s) held with other professional associations:

  • Association of Collegiate Computing Services of Virginia (ACCS)